👋 Nirbhik Jangid

Building thedapplist.com. Prev, Community & Growth at Polygon (aka Matic Network) Helping blockchain projects at large in terms of growth.

✍️ Writings

↗️The Dapp List raised $1.7M to build Multi-chain Ecosystem for Curating Web3 adoption
↗️Matic Rebranding
↗️WTF is Community
↗️Dapp Dev Workshop at IIT Bombay
↗️Matic's testnet launch
↗️Game Oasis Hackathon by Matic & Binance
↗️Heimdall and Bor – Matic’s Validator and Block Production layers
↗️Ethereum India Meetup
↗️Year in review of Matic - 2019
↗️Blockchain Design Meetup
↗️Mudra analysis - ChainGuardians & Matic